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27 Apr

Do You Know What Distracts Parents Most?

Posted in Tips on 27.04.15 by Merlyn

New research has now found one major reason why parents sometimes pay less attention to their children. Distractions and leaving your children out of your eyes for a moment are amongst the top reasons for accidental injuries amongst the young ones.

Maybe you have guessed it already, the big distraction and one cause for an increased number of injuries of your child can be your smart phone.

According to the study, emergency rooms in the United States treat more than 200,000 children under the age of 14 for playground -related injuries. Many times, as the study shows, the parents had gotten distracted by their cell phones!

If you are a parent, use your smart phone and other electronic devices sensibly when your children are around.

Don’t make the mistake to risk your children’s health by turning your attention to your cell phone rather than to your children

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