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16 Dec

What Makes a Good Gym?

Posted in Tips on 16.12.16 by Merlyn

If it was according to the owners of the large fitness chains in the United Kingdom, a good gym would be that one that is the cheapest. Frankly, I couldn’t disagree more.

For me, saving a buck on a fitness gym membership per month is really no reason that I would choose one gym over the other.

It is indeed the case that there are no large differences when it comes to fitness studio membership prices in the United Kingdom, so the bargaining for some change plus or minus really doesn’t matter at all, if you ask me.

There’s much more to a good gym than its price. Rather than looking at what they charge for the service you should take a close look at what exactly they offer. Unsurprisingly, many so-called bar again gyms that are trying to lure customers do so at the cost of good service and overall quality. It happened to me already that I was tempted to take hold the one or the other fitness studio here in London just to find that their equipment is outdated that and that their staff is either unqualified, unmotivated, unfriendly or a combination of these things!

No, thank you very much.

When I choose a fitness studio I want, before anything else, that their their staff is helpful. I am talking about qualified trainers and not some students they hired which otherwise have no idea about the job they are actually doing.

The other important thing about a fitness studio to me is that the equipment is recent and in good shape. It is very obvious that if you look around in some of the cheaper fitness studios that they don’t really care about maintenance and upkeep of their equipment.

So, before you sign up with a gym, know what you’re getting into before you spent your hard earned money. If you happen to live in east London and are looking for a good fitness studio, Hackney Gym is one of those fitness centres that I can recommend to you. The people there are friendly, knowledgeable and it’s always a lot of fun going there.

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