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16 Dec

What Makes a Good Gym?

Posted in Tips on 16.12.16 by Merlyn

If it was according to the owners of the large fitness chains in the United Kingdom, a good gym would be that one that is the cheapest. Frankly, I couldn’t disagree more.

For me, saving a buck on a fitness gym membership per month is really no reason that I would choose one gym over the other.

It is indeed the case that there are no large differences when it comes to fitness studio membership prices in the United Kingdom, so the bargaining for some change plus or minus really doesn’t matter at all, if you ask me.

There’s much more to a good gym than its price. Rather than looking at what they charge for the service you should take a close look at what exactly they offer. Unsurprisingly, many so-called bar again gyms that are trying to lure customers do so at the cost of good service and overall quality. It happened to me already that I was tempted to take hold the one or the other fitness studio here in London just to find that their equipment is outdated that and that their staff is either unqualified, unmotivated, unfriendly or a combination of these things!

No, thank you very much.

When I choose a fitness studio I want, before anything else, that their their staff is helpful. I am talking about qualified trainers and not some students they hired which otherwise have no idea about the job they are actually doing.

The other important thing about a fitness studio to me is that the equipment is recent and in good shape. It is very obvious that if you look around in some of the cheaper fitness studios that they don’t really care about maintenance and upkeep of their equipment.

So, before you sign up with a gym, know what you’re getting into before you spent your hard earned money. If you happen to live in east London and are looking for a good fitness studio, Hackney Gym is one of those fitness centres that I can recommend to you. The people there are friendly, knowledgeable and it’s always a lot of fun going there.

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27 Apr

The Singing Waiters: a Great Idea for Your Next Party

Posted in Tips on 27.04.15 by Merlyn

singing waiters –   marvel superheroes
This is something I need to tell you. How about doing something really special for your child’s next birthday party?

A lot of folks are not really to creative when you’re thinking about preparing a party. Most of us will likely usual such as booking a clown, a bouncy castle and similar. But do you know about surprise entertainment?

There are those guys which you can book for a party or other type of fun event which can do surprise entertainment for you.

Or simply spoken, they can come to your party all dressed up and in disguise so that no one actually knows they are there. And at the right time they will start with their performance, I am talking about professional singing and dancing like you’ve never seen before.

For children, the singing waiters, despite their name can not only dress up as waiters, they now also do stunts dressed up as superheroes which is perfect for your next party! So check them out if you’re looking for something really cool for your children!

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27 Apr

Do You Know What Distracts Parents Most?

Posted in Tips on 27.04.15 by Merlyn

New research has now found one major reason why parents sometimes pay less attention to their children. Distractions and leaving your children out of your eyes for a moment are amongst the top reasons for accidental injuries amongst the young ones.

Maybe you have guessed it already, the big distraction and one cause for an increased number of injuries of your child can be your smart phone.

According to the study, emergency rooms in the United States treat more than 200,000 children under the age of 14 for playground -related injuries. Many times, as the study shows, the parents had gotten distracted by their cell phones!

If you are a parent, use your smart phone and other electronic devices sensibly when your children are around.

Don’t make the mistake to risk your children’s health by turning your attention to your cell phone rather than to your children

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18 Dec

Fire Safety And Your Children

Posted in Education, Tips on 18.12.14 by Merlyn

Wireless_Smoke_DetectorIf you are a parent you are naturally always concerned about your children’s safety and well-being.

Chances are you will have a fair share of stories to tell where your children ran into a dangerous situation, things which otherwise appear harmless or even mundane for us adults so we didn’t even consider that it may pose a danger for all children.

A good example for this would be the kitchen or the bathroom where everyone with small children will always have to be wary and on the lookout.

A lighter or a package of matches, carelessly left on a shelf is another good example for potential troubles when small children are in the household.

It is therefore very important that you educate your children about all those dangers from a very early age on. For instance, teaching them about the dangers of fires and educating them in fire safety  should be top of your list here. It is a sad fact that a good number of fires that happen every year in the United Kingdom is caused by children.

Make sure that you equip your home with modern smoke detectors and fire alarms. This should be mandatory whether you are a parent or not. Highly effective smoke detectors today won’t cost you a lot of money and they are also very easy to maintain.

For large homes and especially for commercial buildings, hospitals and similar places, a wireless fire alarm can be the best option. The reason for this is that a wireless fire alarm can be installed quickly without the hassles of major work required as is the case with wired fire alarm systems.

The spoken , if you want to increase your home’s fire safety, in particular if I have small children, you should check out today’ wireless fire alarm wireless smoke detectors.

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18 Dec

The ‘Ugly’ Side Of Parenting

Posted in News, Tips on 18.12.14 by Merlyn

I found a truly fantastic picture gallery over at Pop Sugar. It’s called “What Parenting Really Looks Like” or The Ugly Side of Parenting.

The pictures are quite fun but of course, who knows, there may be the one or the other truth in what they say about the ugly side of parenting. So check the gallery out and let me know what you think!



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11 Dec

Tips On Selecting A Good School For Your Children

Posted in Education, Tips on 11.12.14 by Merlyn

Selecting the right school for your children is possibly one of the most important decisions you can ever make as a parent.

When you try to find a suitable school it doesn’t take a lot to make an error in judgement which in turn would result in significant disadvantages when it comes to education of the children.

Over at the I found a rather helpful article that can help you finding the right school for your children without the often-made mistakes that can happen.

Since decisions in regards to your children’s schooling can affect the entire family negatively it should also become clear how important careful planning ahead will be. A typical example for this would be if the family moves into a new area based solely on the fact that a particular school is nearby.

However, by not carefully planning ahead you could easily end up with a lot of pressure and stress from having to find a new home not to mention that you could end up with a less than optimal school for your children.

As a rule you should never assume that all schools are the same. The standards of education per school can vary greatly. This is the reason why proper research and taking your time in the process can be so important when you try find a school.

You should also keep in mind that public schooling in the United Kingdom is not the only option you have. It could easily come about that none of the public schools in a particular area would be suitable for your children once you concluded your research. It is then where you should also consider private, independent schools as a schooling option.

By and large, private schools in the United Kingdom can offer the best education with the most dedicated teachers. Private schools such as the Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire or any other reputable school in the UK can have more advantages such as smaller classes and a better selection on extracurricular activities including sports. You should always keep that in mind when you are looking for a school for your children.



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